About Bihar Premier League

The Bihar Premier League is a professional League for twenty -20 Cricket Tournament in Bihar.

The BPL works on a franchise-system based on the American style of hiring players and transfers.

These Franchises were put for auction, where the higher won the rights to own the team, representing each city ( District or zone).

Bihar Premier League

A sliver lining for the cricketers of Bihar.

Prolonged wait comes to an end. As we are well aware that our state is lacking behind in sports due to insufficient opportunities to the sportspersons. Keeping this in view Our organization Yuva Khel Foundation in collaboration with Bihar Cricket Association had decided to start a T20 league named Bihar Premier League .

The prime motive of this league is to promote Cricket and it's unique ethos in context of Bihar. Our league will give a live platform to the cricketers of Bihar to showcase their talents and prove their potential. As we are evident that very few cricketer from Bihar could achieve nationwide popularity. This is just because of lack of opportunities in our state. We are lagging behind in recognising the potential of cricketer from Bihar.

Our league will be boon for all the cricketers of Bihar to exhibit their strength for which they were waiting since decade. The ultimate goal of this league eventually is to give opportunities to the talented cricketers and establish sustainable flow of players from Bihar to represent our country across the world.